Actualitatea ambasadei

Call for tenders

No. 168 from 11.02.2019




To: External Service Providers (ESP) for visa outsourcing, authorized to carry out their activity on the territory of the People’s Republic of China (PRC)


The Embassy of Romania to the PR of China in Beijing, Chaoyang District, Ritan Lu Dong Er Jie, No. 2, 100600, phone 0086-10-65323442, fax 0086-10-65325837, contact person Mr. Stoian Marius Andrei, head of Consular Section, e-mail

In compliance with the provisions of Art.291 of Government Emergency Ordinance nᵒ194/2002 on the regime of aliens in Romania, republished, with subsequent amendments and completions, the Embassy of Romania to the People’s Republic of China, as contracting authority, intends to initiate the cooperation with ESP in terms of the receipt of visa applications for Romania, on the territory of the receiving state, for the submission of applications for Romanian visas. In this respect, the contracting authority hereby submits this call for tender, to the attention of the ESPs acting on the territory of PRC.

The contracting authority receives offers from the ESPs, for the opening of some Centers for the collection of Romanian visa application files, in the following cities from PRC: Chengdu, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Xi`an and Shenyang.

The initial period of the contract will be for 1 (one) year, from the date when a contractual cooperation is launched.

The period for the submission of offers is of 30 days from the moment of public communication of this tender, on our website ( The offer can be submitted by mail or directly to the Embassy of Romania at the abovementioned address, in a sealed envelope.

Any bid submitted after the expiry of the term not be taken into consideration.

The offers can be edited in English or Romanian language and the price should be quoted in RMB.

The bids will be opened and reviewed on 14.03.2019, 16.00 hrs., at the Embassy of Romania at the abovementioned address.

The bidding companies have the right to designate a representative for the bid opening and review.

All offers will be will be evaluated based on the following criteria: price, quality of premises, quality of services provided and own employee competence / experience.

The tender book can be accessed following this link or directly on the contracting authority website (

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