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Music Interpreters from China are invited to the Cerbul de Aur (Golden Stag) International Music Festival in Romania

After a gap of few years, the famous Cerbul de Aur (Golden Stag) International Festival, which is to celebrate this year the 50th anniversary since its first edition, will be revived with a special edition in the year of the Romanian Centennial anniversary. The event will follow its tradition and will be organized in the Romanian touristic and historical gems, Brasov, which has hosted it since the beginning.

The Embassy of Romania in Beijing invites all the Chinese performers, aged from 16 to 36, to sign up for The International Competition of Interpretation, one of the Festival’s sections. The sign up deadline is the 11th of July. The artists are invited to find further terms and conditions on the event’s website, www.cerbuldeaur.ro. At the end of the sign up period, the jury will decide who the performers who enter the competition are.

Enrollment and selection

For the enrollment, the artists are invited to send the interpretation of two songs of their own repertoire, in which language they prefer. The jury will select one of the songs to be interpreted by the participant, if he is to be chosen, and from now on he becomes a competitor.

In the contest, the competitor will have to interpret the song that the jury selected from the two submitted, together with a song from the Romanian repertoire. The Romanian song can be chosen by the competitor from a list that the organizers have made available through the official website. The song from the personal repertoire will be interpreted in voce and negative, while the Romanian song will be interpreted full live, voice and instrumental, together with the Festival’s live orchestra.


In the year of the anniversary of 100 years since the Great Reunification of Romania (Romanian Centennial), the organizers lay prizes which rise up to 65.000 Euro. Only the value of The Grand Trophy of the Festival goes up to 25.000 Euro. The rest of the prizes will be divided in 8 other distinctions:


  • The First Prize;
  • The Second Prize;
  • The Third Prize;
  • The Prize for The Best Interpretation of a Romanian Song;
  • The Prize of Brasov;
  • The Prize of The Public;
  • The Prize of The Festival’s Press;
  • The Prize of The Public Societies of Radio and Television


Period of the Festival

Cerbul de Aur (Golden Stag) International Festival will be held between the 29th of August and the 2nd of September 2018, in Brasov’s Council Square. To celebrate the double anniversary of this year, the Centennial of Romania and the half-Centennial of the Festival, the Romanian Television (TVR) has crafted a special format for this event: an Anniversary Gala, with two days of contest, a Festival Gala and many more adding events.

The Festival will be closed with a Centennial Gala, which will be transposed into a folklore show, which will embrace the traditional popular music, together with modern versions of this musical genre.

The event will be exclusively transmitted live by the Romanian National Television.


About the Festival


The first edition of Cerbul de Aur (Golden Stag) International Festival was held in 1968. In 50 years since its first edition, the stage from The Council Square welcomed international stars, such as Julio Iglesias, Vaya con Dios, Coolio, Christina Aguilera, Cliff Richard, Kenny Rogers, Ricky Martin, Patricia Kaas, Gilbert Becaud, Josephine Baker, Toto Cutugno, Enrico Macias, Boy George, James Brown, Kenny Rogers, Ray Charles, Scorpions, Pink and many others.

The artistically value of the event turned Cerbul de Aur (Golden Stag) International Festival into an iconic brand of The Romanian Television. In time, it has become even a nation brand, taking Romania to a new level of worldwide recognition.



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